Deadpool 2 Review

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin
Director: David Leitch

At a time when superhero films are all about saving the world and universe from madmen and their clan, Deadpool 2 comes as a sweet relief as it focuses on saving one child from himself with Deadpool’s distinct ‘merc with a mouth’ manner. Sassier, funnier, grosser and more coherent with its plotline, the sequel of 2016 blockbuster hit is everything fans were expecting and more. Featuring Wade Wilson unloading both sarcasm and pop-culture references at any given moment, a bombastic introduction to the stern and mechanical Cable, a kid with issues and deaths – lots of deaths, Deadpool 2 has it all.

The film begins with a boom (literally) and ends with an X-Force, which is how far one can go without giving out many details on the story. Frankly, this is one plot you can’t expect spoilers from but just experience the genius of Ryan Reynolds in this cinematic version of Deadpool. The film is packed with innuendo, which are thrown at the audience at every given moment without a care if they would register or not. It’s like a joke-machine firing joke every time you feel the story is taking a dark turn. The predecessor thrived as an A-rated satire of the studio, with most of the humor coming at the expense of its own mega-franchise, X-Men. This time the seat has been taken (or shared) by Avengers, (made funnier when you consider Josh Brolin starred in both). You can’t help but laugh with a sense of familiarity with which the makers have included the puns and lines of an altogether different mini-verse in a bigger umbrella of MCU.

Directed by ‘One of the Two Guys Who Killed John Wick’s Dog,’ the first 20 minutes of the film feature a good amount of gruesome but spectacular bloodbath as both Wick films combined. But that is just the beginning. The film ups its ante with some pretty disgusting visuals and some very interesting cameos, both by A-list Hollywood stars to popular characters from the comics. And we thought the studio doesn’t have money to ‘entertain one more X-Man’.

Hiding behind constant self-critiquing- from pointing out budget restrains to ‘bad-writing’ and ‘CGI fights’ Deadpool acknowledges everything even before you have the chance to say it in your mind. Thus, giving a glimpse of sarcastic and intelligent filmmaking, often found missing in the VFX-crammed superhero universe. The film has a lot of puckish puns that could’ve headed towards being borderline racist, but clever writing saves the day and makes you laugh at yourself for completing the joke.

Unlike Deadpool, Deadpool 2 has a streamlined narrative and a mission for the mercenary. The only thing splashed on the walls here are his puns and lot of blood. A funnier, jazzier and grimmer version set in a 2-D format, Deadpool 2 deserves a watch for its sass and loony toons treatment of the story where the ‘ wheelbarrow full of Stage 4 cancer’ is the R-Rated masked Bugs Bunny-esque mercenary in his natural element.

Oh and wait for the mid-credit sequences. They’ll crack you up.

Rating: 3.5/5

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