Kingsman-The Golden Circle Review

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There are spy films based on the likes of James Bond and Jason Bourne, on a dramatic sleek side and then there are those like the Kingsman that take the action and humour of typical Hollywood spy series and mix it with the outlandish-ness of comics. In 2015, director Matthew Vaughn turned the movie spy conceit on its head with Kingsman: The Secret Service and the twisted humourous film became an instant hit with the fans. Now the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is here and just like its predecessor the wacko formula works wonders again. The story takes place a year after the Secret Service, with Henry (Colin Firth) dead, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) settling well into a life he imagined as a Kingsman until Charlie (one of Kingman’s ex-aspirant) turns up to spoil the mood. The advanced Charlie gets the better of Eggsy which results in the destruction of the entire secret intelligence. Now the new villain Poppy (Julianne Moore) is introduced in the most twisted and dramatic fashion, as a shrewd businesswoman who runs world’s biggest drug cartel, that no other spy film could carry out. And then the American cousin of Kingsman, Statesman is introduced with a highly attractive crew namely – Ginger Ale, Tequila and Whiskey (Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, and Pedro Pascal respectively). The rest of the story remains the ‘same save the world with aggressive action, reaction, some retrograde Amnesia and lots of gentleman-ship’. ,/br.

The entire setup of the film relies on the same formula of 2014 and it still entertaining. Yes, there are certain stale moments in the film, but the slick action and comedy cover it all, and the ensemble cast just acts as a cherry on the top. From Tatum to Elton John, everyone seems to have a party in their role and the enjoyment is transferable. The plot takes a back-seat in outlandish stories, but hey, we are not complaining. Basically, Vaughn is playing with the gravity of spy-thrillers here, changing the fundamental rules of action-movie storytelling radically. It blurs the stakes and makes it impossible to know what, if anything, the risks of operating in such an otherwise-lethal world are.

The sequel offers a dose of extra to everything that made its predecessor a success; more gentlemen, more action, more transformation and more destruction. However, the film lacks in the creative space. In order to tap into the memorandum of the previous film, the makers failed to give The Golden Circle its own edge, which might be disappointing for fans who are expecting another comic-thriller ride.

There are certain developments in the film and certain moments that’ll remind you of all Bollywood films, where makers are afraid to kill the beloved characters. In order to make the film wholesome, Vaughn overstepped into the territory of using actors as props instead of using them in the story. There is a subtle reference to the leadership in America right now, and that just makes you chuckle at the audacious rebel, Vaughn tried to be.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle is an aggressively stylised action film with an overdose of stars, sleekness, and pace. The shift in the characters is too comic-like, but that is what makes it noteworthy. It’s not your regular spy film, it’s cheeky and it knows it. A complete popcorn entertainer, the film delivers to its fan base, nothing less than its prequel. The film feels like a stand-up, where you enjoy it with a drink and go home with a grin, nothing more and nothing less.

Rating: 3/5

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