MIUI 10 v9.5.1 Beta — Xiaomi Brings Layout, Gestures and Child Mode in New Update

MIUI 10 has been a mostly liked firmware among users of Xiaomi’s phones. Over time, the company has tried to justify its usage of the custom interface by adding features that are not readily available in stock Android, although this has also meant delayed MIUI updates, and Xiaomi’s early days were particularly unpredictable when it came to updates. The latest MIUI 10 v9.5.1 developer beta, however, has been a part of Xiaomi’s improved update cycles, and while it is only available in China right now, it is expected to roll out globally first, and subsequently as a stable build, soon enough.

According to reports across the internet, the new MIUI 10 update will bring with itself a few interesting additions to the Xiaomi ecosystem. For one, notifications on the lock screen will get a useful little addition where details about a received notification will only be shown once the face data is verified. Right now, in stable builds, notifications on MIUI can either be completely hidden, or simply put in view mode. The new notification feature would help users simply check the overview of a notification, without having to read through an update if it is deemed unimportant.

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Furthermore, MIUI 10 v9.5.1 will also bring with itself lock screen interface customisation for the placement and design of the digital clock. Choosing its placement from centre, left or right will also diversify its layout, making things a bit more interesting on this front. Also available are gestures, which will enable MIUI users to take definitive actions such as switching off displays or expanding notifications through finger gestures. Xiaomi is also said to be bringing back its Child Mode to MIUI soon, which would allow users to add parental app control to smartphones — an increasingly important feature.

It is not clear when these updates would make it to stable builds, the MIUI 10 v9.5.1 beta has been rolled out in China to developers, and will soon be rolled out globally. With any luck, users of Xiaomi smartphones should be able to get them on their devices, soon enough.

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