Naam Shabana Review

A spin off the hugely successful Baby, Naam Shabana narrates the story of a female intelligence officer. Taapsee Pannu only played a small role in Baby, but Naam Shabana focuses on her story and how she became a part of the secret services.

Directed by Shivam Nair and produced by Neeraj Pandey, the film also has Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher playing supporting roles. Just like Baby, Naam Shabana is a thriller and has Taapsee Pannu performing some risky stunts.

Taapsee is riding high on the success of last year’s Pink which was an issue based film. It would be interesting to see whether the actress can take Naam Shabana to similar heights with her performance. Shomini Sen of News18 is inside the theater to live tweet the experience.

9:52 AM: #NaamShabana tweet review in a bit. Stay tuned.

10:05 AM: The film is a spin off of hugely successful #Baby and focuses on a woman intelligence officer. #NaamShabana

10:08 AM: Featuring @taapsee in lead, #NaamShabana also features @BajpayeeManoj, @AnupamPkher and @akshaykumar

10:38 AM: Shot mostly in actual locations, #NaamShabana looks quite authentic.

10:48 AM: The film is taking a long time to establish the plot. #NaamShabana

11:06 AM: Didn’t know secret services put conditions when they recruit. #NaamShabana

11:24 AM: Shabana is not your typical hindi film heroine. She knows how to protect herself and her man. #NaamShabana

11:31 AM: #NaamShabana takes it’s time to establish the plot. The first twenty minutes has a slow narrative. It only picks up closer to the interval.

11:49 AM: The film is gripping only in parts. A lot of time is taken to establish the premise of the scenes. #NaamShabana

12:19 PM: Okay plastic surgery apparently changes peoples height as well. Okay. #NaamShabana

12:37 PM: Too much time is taken in establishing the characters. Not good for a spy thriller. #NaamShabana

12:46 PM: #NaamShabana taking a predictable turn now.

12:48 PM: #NaamShabana gives ample scope to @taapsee to perform and she doesn’t disappoint.

12:53 PM: Despite good actors, #NaamShabana doesn’t really quite pick up. The film appears very slow

12:56 PM: #NaamShabana dwindles a bit. Takes too much time to establish the plot but picks up close to the climax.

12:59 PM: .@taapsee gives a credible performance as the no-nonsense Shabana. She knows how to protect herself and gives a tough fight to the bad guys.

1:01 PM: Despite flaws, #NaamShabana should be watched for its cast which is very good.

1:01 PM: Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher’s cameo brings back memories of #Baby. #NaamShabana

1:05 PM: #NaamShabana hopefully will make way for more thrillers with the woman playing the central character. Always good to see an action heroine

1:05 PM: Thanks for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #NaamShabana. More movie updates to follow.

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