Qarib Qarib Singlle Review

function collapse(){$(‘.qr’).toggle(500, function() {if ($(‘.qr’).is(‘:visible’)) {$(“.expup”).css(“background”, “url(”);} else {$(“.expup”).css(“background”, “url(”);}});}Romance has been the core soul of Hindi Cinema since the time it began. From the tragic heartbreaks in the era of Guru Dutt and Dilip Kumar to the exotic romances in Yash Chopra’s vision, love is an emotion depicted in every form in Bollywood. However, Tanuja Chandra’s latest film Qarib Qarib Singlle gives an interesting take on the age-old formula of man-woman romance, which is refreshing, relatable and charming at the same time. Starring Irrfan Khan and Malayalam actress Parvathy in lead roles, Qarib Qarib Singlle is all about middle-aged romance in the times of dating apps.

The romantic comedy begins with an emotionally tattered widow Jaya (Parvathy), a disciplined, reserved and classy woman who makes an account on a dating website under pressure, only to meet a flamboyant, rich, sensitive and talkative Yogi (Irrfan). Right from their first meeting, he gets on her nerves, and by the third date proposes a trip to Jaya covering Rishikesh, Jaipur, and Gangtok to meet his exes. While Jaya has two minds about the trip, she still finds her on the plane to begin the journey. That marks the start of a rather off-beat, ‘almost’ relationship where neither of them confronts about what they are until the film’s climax.
There is a certain familiarity with the story and the conversations between the two characters are as authentic as they can get. The film has no romantic dance chases, no heartbreaks, no dreamy sequences and no melodrama to profess love, yet the charm and filmy-ness remain intact. Now, the film doesn’t give you any ‘#romancegoals’ but the way new-age dating has been discussed in the film will make you smile and gives out a sense of familiarity, even if you are nowhere near ‘middle-age’. Tanuja Chandra has dealt with the complexities of a middle-aged woman and relationships in modern age really well. And the fact that despite being all 2017, the film has a classic, old-world tone underneath. Maybe, that’s why the way Jaya and Yogi act doesn’t appear corny or superficial, but very real.

Irrfan and Parvathy do their jobs perfectly. While Irrfan makes you simultaneously love and get irritated by Yogi’s habits, it is Parvathy’s fresh presence that keeps you glued to the screen. Both the actors look natural playing characters everyone has witnessed at least once in their lifetime. While Irrfan’s Yogi keeps the screen vibrant, Parvathy balances it out with her serenity.

Qarib Qarib Singlle is a clean, authentic story of an ‘almost’ relationship, just the way millennials like it. The film is rooted in real life and the differences between the characters keep you invested. This Irrfan Khan, Parvathy starrer is definitely worth a watch for its fresh pairing and storytelling. A ‘Qarib Qarib perfect’ love story of two almost single people.


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