Ranchi Diaries Review

Director: Sattwik Mohanty
Cast: Himansh Kohli, Soundarya Sharma, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Sheirgill Bollywood is undoubtedly getting better by the day especially when it comes to portraying small town through films. It’s long obsession with foreign return characters and shooting at exotic locations also seems to decline, with more stories now being revolved around the real India. Interestingly, the change has found a warm and welcoming audience, who wants filmmakers to explore the genre. But then comes a film Ranchi Diaries which takes no time at all to destroy their belief.

Helmed by first-time director Sattwik Mohanty, the film features Anupam Kher, Jimmy Shergill, Satish Kaushik, Himansh Kohli and debutante Soundarya Sharma. It follows the story of Gudiya, played by Soundarya, and her friends, Taaha Shah and Himansh, who are out to make it big in a small town (Ranchi) and decides to rob a bank. What happens next is a tedious and an unengaging series of events.

The film opens with a convincing scene, wherein Jimmy makes an impactful entry as a police officer, reminds me of his portrayal of a sub-inspector Ranveer Singh in Special 26. Before you expect him to do anything gripping, the frame shifts to Anupam Kher’s Thakur Bhaiya. Kher is that one actor who knows how to make his character look interesting even if it does not have much scope in the story, but the plot of Ranchi Diaries only wastes the sheer talent this star has.

Himansh in the role of Manish only proves how desperately he needs an acting class, courtesy unconvincing Bhojpuri accent and weak dialogue delivery. On the other hand, Soundarya too fails to create any impression. The use of dialogues such as Kismat kharab ho toh oonth pe bethe bauna aadmi ko bhi kutta kaat jaata hai, Godfather nahi dekhe ho?, Tum Godfather ho? and Tum kaahe Godfather ban rahe ho show the unimaginative minds behind the film.

With music that makes no sense to ears and story that has no logic, Sattwik’s debut directorial is something which the audience does not really deserve, even in their worst possible dreams.

Rating: 0.5/5

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