Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch Online

You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch

The brand new Nintendo Switch Online service is Nintendo’s answer to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold

Game Price
The Nintendo Switch’s Online service give access to multi player . The Nintendo Switch Online  free trail for 7 day after that subscription is $4 per 30 day (around 280), $8 for 90 day (close to 560) and $20 for an entire year (nearly 1,400). Nintendo has an official presence in like North America, Europe, and Japan.

how voice chat and friend invites work 
this game allowing access to the SplatNet 2 network.users check out their online play stats and info on upcoming game features. Nintendo Switch’s is launch so we can find out about product.but Nintendo Switch’s app is not luanch in india. so cant use 3rd party access mirror screen

Nintendo Switch Online NES games list

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Donkey Kong
  • Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros
  • .Balloon
  • FightIce
  • Climber
  • Dr. Mario
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • 3Double
  • Dragon
  • River City Ransom
  • Ghosts’n Goblins
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • Gradius
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Excite
  • bike
  • YoshiIce
  • Hockey
  • Baseball

Nintendo has plan to add games like solomon’s key, NES, golf tournament, wario woods, ninja gaiden, mighty bomb jack. there are NES Controllers for the Switch available for pre-order exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

 cloud saves limitations

there was and 1049 out of 1096 games support cloud saves.A host of Nintendo Switch’s games such as Pokemon Let’s Go  and Fortnite, Eevee, Pikachu, FIFA 19 and Splatoon 2.Nintendo’s reasoning relies on ensuring fair play in multiplayer by preventing any method by which Nintendo Switch owners could manipulate their save files to grant them powerful items or higher rankings.

Free-to-play multiplayer games do not need 
Nintendo confirmed that all free-to-play games for the Nintendo Switch’s can be played without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This follows Ten-cent’s announcement that its online free-to-play game Arena of Valor for the Nintendo Switch’s would be playable without one. What this means is, games like Pokemon Quest, Fortnight or the upcoming War-frame can be played online without additional cost.

 NES game weekly login
Much like Spotify and Netflix, you’ll have to go online ever so often to verify and continue accessing Nintendo Switch Online NES games. This was discovered in the Nintendo Switch Online’s FAQ stating that NES games “can be played offline for up to 7 days as long as you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership”.

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October Review

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao
Director: Shoojit Sircar
October, directed by Shoojit Sircar, is a thoughtful, meditative film about love, grief, mortality, and the making of a man.

When a freak accident puts a young girl in hospital, the incident has a life-altering impact on her co-worker. Varun Dhawan plays Danish aka Dan, an immature twenty-something-year-old who works as a trainee at a Delhi five-star hotel along with several others, including Shiuli (newcomer Banita Sandhu) whom he knows as any other colleague. But her fatal condition following a mishap affects him much more than it does the others, and he singularly commits himself to her recovery.

It’s a thin idea, but Juhi Chaturvedi’s script brings nuance and beautiful complexity to this premise. The fact that Dan and Shiuli – who are not at all alike, and are barely even friends – become unexpectedly connected by something that resembles love is communicated without fuss or fanfare.

This is a film that asks to be felt. Very little actually ‘happens’ during the course of its running time. A lot of it is about waiting – on the part of both the characters on screen, and us, the viewers. Yet the languid passage of time – conveyed through the change of seasons – is crucial to the experience of the film. The pace is deliberately slow, as if Shoojit wants us to feel every excruciating minute of watching a loved one’s life hanging by a thread.

There is great sadness at the heart of October. I watched much of the film choked with emotion, and when it was over I wanted to be alone. It’s likely that some may feel the film ends too abruptly, or that characters and narrative threads are left without closure. But that is by design. Shoojit and Juhi have crafted a film that makes no grand announcements. There is no spoon-feeding, there are no manipulative music cues. Like life itself, the events in the film creep up on us without warning.

Our window into the world of the film is through its characters. Varun Dhawan strips away the affectations of the Hindi film ‘hero’ to play Dan, whom we first meet as a permanently irritable fellow in a job where he has no business being anything but polite. Dan’s awakening, his coming of age, is conveyed through a nicely realized performance from Varun, whose sincerity is unquestionable. Lighter moments, like his exchanges with a nurse, bring much-needed respite in a grim, mostly quiet film.

Banita Sandhu lets her big, beautiful eyes do most of the work for her, and it is again by design that we know so little of Shiuli – and what’s in her heart – even when the movie ends. Offering a deeply affecting performance as Shiuli’s mother, Gitanjali Rao is a portrait of grief, her face a canvas that reveals the progress and deterioration of her daughter’s condition.

The other ‘invisible’ character in October, and just as effective, is the strong sense of atmospherics. The evocative cinematography, a keen attention to detail, the unflashy score, and the unhurried pacing all work together to transport us to the world of these people, and to deliver a kind of immersive sensory experience that is unique to this film.

Unlike the case with Shoojit and Juhi’s previous collaborations Vicky Donor and Piku, the mood in October is decidedly somber; there’s very little to laugh about. Be warned the overwhelming sadness will take a piece out of you. If you allow it though it has the power to change the way you look at love and life.

I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

What’s your reaction to October?

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Mukti Bhawan Review: A Heartfelt Film About Life And Death

After screening the film Mukti Bhawan at multiple international film festivals, and winning applause from the viewers world over, the makers release the much-talked about film in theatres today.

Directed by Shubhashish Bhutiani, the film features Adil Husain and Lalit Behl in key roles. It revolves around a unique bond between a father and son after the former decides to dies in Varanasi and his son is compelled to join his journey.

From the real emotional tension that develops amongst the central characters and Adil’s predicament over whether he should leave his dying father, the film deals with it all.

Will the film which has already been premiered in Venice Film Festival, and bagged the UNESCO award for peace and human rights and also shown at Dubai International Film Festival among others be able to give a better understanding of life and death?

Divya Pal is watching the film to live tweet the experience.

1:52 PM Stay tuned for live tweet review of #MuktiBhawan.

2:01 PM Shubhashish Bhutiani’s debut feature is an interesting take on relationships and most importantly life and death. #MuktiBhawan

2.02 PM #MuktiBhawan begins with a dream sequence which sets the tone of the film.

2:04 PM Even though we are just 15 minutes into the film, we have started feeling the story. So real. #MuktiBhawan

2.05 PM Adil Hussain, who’s won special mention for #MuktiBhawan, has a hectic work life, but tries hard to shoulder all responsibilities in film

2:06 PM A wrestler, group of sadhus giving suspicious looks, a couple of clueless men – shots of Varanasi are so true. #MuktiBhawan

2:08 PM Mrityu ek prakriya hain. Aap us prakriys SE guzarne me liye taiyaar hain? #MuktiBhawan

2:19 PM Most of the shots of #MuktiBhawan will remain with you. For, each comes with a unique perspective.

2:23 PM Lalit Behl is such a fine actor. He has understood the nuances of his character really well. His tantrums are genuine. #MuktiBhawan

2:36 PM This one sequence between Adil and Lalit where they can’t stop crying will leave tears in your eyes as well. #MuktiBhawan

2:37 PM It’s interval. #MuktiBhawan first half is genuine, relatable and heartfelt.

2:48 PM There is a lot to learn from grandparents. The bonding between grandparents and grandchildren has been explored well. #MuktiBhawan

2:57 PM Kuch karne na karne se maut nahi aati, mann se aati hai #MuktiBhawan. The film comes with several deep thoughts

3:16 PM Even though #MuktiBhawan gets a bit slow, it doesn’t take away the essence of the topic it covers.

3:47 PM All in all, #MuktiBhawan is film you won’t be able to forget easily. It will make you cry. But laugh too 🙂

3:48 PM Adil Hussain, how do you make an emotionally difficult scene look so easy? We can’t forget your last shot. #MuktiBhawan

3:50 PM #MuktiBhawan may be about death, but not so much about grief and loss.

3:52 PM Watch #MuktiBhawan if you want to better your understanding about life and death. It has insights that will remain with us.

3:54 PM Shubhashish Bhutani remains faithful to the concept of death in #MuktiBhawan. He is honest in the genuine depiction to attain mukti

3:56 PM Lalit Behl shows his humour and seriousness in #MuktiBhawan. Watch his character and you’d remember someone who resembles him completely.

4:05 PM Thank you for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #MuktiBhawan. Stay tuned for more updates.

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