Keys to MBA Success

Keys to MBA Success

Respect the Challenge

Many people think that being in the MBA program is a break from work. However, the program is full of challenges. In pre-term, the first four weeks of your MBA career, classmates. are challenged with a heavy workload and team-intensive projects.

From this experience, I learned to be aware of potential challenges and take advantage of resources available. For instance, classmates from different cohorts form study groups to help each other prepare for finals and offer free tutoring sessions on-campus. Through this experience, I learned to effectively communicate with my study groups to achieve maximum productivity.

Build Your Personal Brand

You usually hear about building brands in marketing. In MBA program, this is very crucial. During daily engagement and teamwork, you are always evaluated by your classmates. How do you build a personal brand? An approach is to focus on these five keys: Competence, Connection, Courage, Character, and Credibility. Competence is your technical ability. Connection is how you actively build relationships and develop networks in the MBA program. Courage is an indicator of how you are able to communicate and provide an opinion with confidence, but not in an overly aggressive manner. Character is about being trustworthy, hardworking, and optimistic. Credibility is demonstrated in your willingness to take responsibility and lead a group.

Effectively Build and Track Relationships

Networking is one of the key reasons people choose an MBA program. During our orientation, I learned that building and maintaining relationship is essential to all career directions. To do so, I created a tracking system in Excel. On this sheet I recorded my old and new connections. Although you may not keep in touch regularly, send previous managers or colleagues an email just to keep in touch. When you make new contacts, add as many details as possible. As you follow up with them, you will be able to use this information to remind them about the conversations you had or connect on a personally level. I have many classmates who successfully secured offers from their dream companies because they did a great job building and tracking relationships.