Take Measure and Check Levels Using iOS 12’s

Hidden iOS 12 Features Everyone Should Use.

Follow these steps to measure something with iOS 12’s Measure app:

  • Open the Measure app on iOS 12.
  • Point the camera at the object you want to measure.
  • Whether it’s a small box or the entire room, the Measure app performs equally reliably.
  • Now a big Plus button will appear on the screen, along with a Circle that has a dot in the middle.
  • Point the dot at the starting point you want to measurement, then hit the Plus button .
  • Now point the dot at the end point and hit the Plus button.
  • This will show you the distance between those two points on screen.
  • Sometimes when you point the camera at rectangular objects, you will see an Add object button.
  • Tap that to see the length and breadth of the object.There are four buttons on the screen in the Measure app.
  • The top-left button allows you to undo a measurement, the top-right Clear button allows you to reset all measurements, the bottom-right Photo button allows you to take a picture of the measurement, and the big Plus button adds points of measurement.
  • We noticed that the distance measured by the Measurement app is off by a few centimeters at most. We measured a mattress whose length was 1.7 metres (the app said 1.72m), a box with a diameter of 14cm (the app said 14cm), a book that was 14cm long and 25 cm wide (the app got this right), and a table that was 60cm wide (the app said 61cm). On our iPhone 7, the results were fairly reliable overall, when compared against a physical measuring tape.

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