The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review

From its oxymoronic title to its premise to its cast, eagerly-awaited The Hitman’s Bodyguard promises to take out its competition. While Ryan Reynolds added action hero to his Hollywood heartthrob with instant classic Deadpool (let’s none of us mention the Green Lamp-thing), Samuel L Jackson has always just been, well, Samuel L Jackson (apart from that time one he played a nerdy scientist/dinosaur snack in Jurassic Park). Both actors also possess excellent comic timing and are generally big crowd-pullers. So expectations are riding high on this meta buddy-action-comedy.
Obviously they’re not buddies in the beginning. Reynolds’ Michael Bryce is the world’s foremost bodyguard and Jackson’s Darius Kincaid is the world’s top assassin. So you can see why they might not get along. Yet, with the connivance of Hollywood scriptwriters and their reliance on Deus Ex Machina, Bryce gets shanghaied into providing Kincaid from a bunch of nefarious villains. Action and laughter shall hopefully ensue. Join us on our live tweet review as we watch the film.

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