Google Play Points Rewards Programme Now Available in USA

Google is launching a new rewards programme called Play Points in USA. According to the blog post, the rewards programme will let users earn points for various ways in which the Google Play Store services are accessed. Play Points reportedly has millions of people in Japan and South Korea already on it, and has now been introduced to users in USA as well. It is free to join for all users, and can help them earn ‘Play Points’, which in turn can be used for certain items.

They can also be utilised for discounts in games like Candy Crush Saga and Pokemon GO, or exchanged for Google Play Store Credit, which in turn can be used for a range of apps, games, movies and books. As is the rule with Play Store Credits, the rewards programme credits can also be used to renting a film, or buying an audiobook. Users will earn points on everything they buy from the Play Store, while reward points will also apply upon downloading free apps and games from the ‘Featured’ section.

Furthermore, weekly points can even boost a user’s earning rate on select games and other features. Google also revealed that the Play Points are being introduced in four levels — from Bronze to Platinum, and a user’s level will depend on how many points they have collected. Google has also stated that the users can spend collected rewards points to support causes such as Doctors Without Borders (US), and Save the Children, among others.